$0.7 plastic boxes and mac boxes
$0.5 for papercard box
$0.8 Paper card with Hang

$1.3 for luxury boxes
$1.6 luxury magnetic box with window

$1.6 for papercard round box

MOQ 500 boxes:  Add your company name/Logo

 Private labeling starts with 500 boxes as this is the minimum order printing factories ask for. 

You can choose any box model from the above picture. We can add your logo and company name and do as you wish.

500 boxes cost $250 to $800 depending on the model you choose. The best model is the luxury  magnetic box  which would cost $650 for 500 boxes but you will be able to launch a luxury brand. 

You can then get 500 pairs of lashes at $6 a pair shipping included for 3D and $5.5 a pair. 

Total cost would be $3000 + $650 for boxes $3650 for 500 pairs of luxury lashes branded in a beautiful boxe. 

This comes down to a price of $7.3 per pair!  You will resell each pair at $15 to $25 per pair so you are making $3850 to $8850 in PROFIT  from a $3650 investment. 

This is a better profit margin than hair extensions and currently the best model for stylists to make money


Here is the profit break-down:


            7 Easy Steps To Make Money


- You invest $3650 for 500 pairs + luxury boxes 

- $3650 = $7.3 per pair

- You resell at $20 per pair. 

- TOTAL REVENUE GENERATED = $20 x 500 pairs = $10,000

- Your COST was $3650

- Your PROFIT = $10,000 - $3,650 = $6350 

- You put the $6350 in your BANK, it's YOURS and your re-use the $3650 to re-order 500 pairs with your luxury box branded!

This is how simple it is. You start making money as soon as you resell above your cost price which is $7.3  Mininum resell price is $15. 

This is currently the best model for stylists and store owners to make money. It pays more than hair!